The Social Medium

What makes The Social Medium different than other vendors of social media promotions?
We are NOT a click farm. Unlike the majority of sellers you will find on Google and other sites we do not use spam or bots to deliver what we sell you. We are a small team of dedicated experts and all of our services our handpicked and carefully curated quality services that you will retain long term. We are based in the United States and our team consists of some of the most knowledgable SEO and Social Media, Linkedin Specialists who previously were only available via word of mout and who intend on creating thriving client relationships through our lower priced entry level offers and giving our customers the best most cost effective solutions possible. 

We scour the internet, articles, case studies and new programs daily so that you don't have to. We cherry pick the best and lowest cost effective social media and Linkedin strategies and make them available right here in one place for you in addition to the step by step reading materials to help you learn what you're doing and why. 

Why would you pay for social media or Linkedin Marketing?

Short Answer:
Because that's what the best brands in the world do and it's what audiences will expect from a competitive and legit brand. 
Whether you are a local small business just starting up or a community staple brand, your online reputation and authority matters and can potentially be the driving force behind your sales. Every successful brand small or large understands the power of community and the ability to cultivate online interactions to create relationships between a brand and its advocates. The Social Medium is here to guide through your campaign and to educate you on how the best brands in the world get to the top and STAY THERE with tried and true viral worthy content and active promoting.

Simply because your big box competitor making money IS using these exact methods to grow their following and sales. We have done this time and again and the brands that consistently stick with it always see and amazing ROI. 

Are your services sold anywhere else?
We pride ourselves in what we have to offer customers and are proud to say that you will not find these products and services anywhere else on the internet. What we offer cannot be sold by foreign based or click farm promotions because our services are mostly based off of REAL and genuine people. Unlike other sellers we are interested in more than just sellling you on one time purchase. Rather, we want to use our services and site info as a resource to build and grow your brand for the long term and that simply can't be done with only buying likes. We hope that you will follow the steps we've provided and seen success with to create your own success.

Do you need my login or password?
For most of our services the answer will be no. We do not need anything more than a URL in order to deliver. For custom campaigns or anything like article writing, summary writing we do require login and password.

Do you offer custom services or packages?
Yes, we offer different tiers of affordable packages that are completely hands off for you. In fact, this is where most of our clients are. If you prefer for our experts to create a custom campaign for your brand just like our other clients please email us here to discuss your options.

Much like anything else social media and Linkedin is not completely just cut and dry, it takes a lot of testing as well as proven strategy to work specifically for your brand and niche. But with the right promotion and know-how your social media and your Linkedin can and will create long term clients and conversions for you.

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